Sludge in your CH System

Sludge in your CH System

Our guide to Sludge in your CH System

Are your partially heated radiators getting on your nerves? Is your boiler noisy and your home taking longer to heat than normal? These are all signs that we don’t want to see in our central heating systems over the winter months, and can often set the alarm bells ringing with fears of a broken boiler 🙁
It may sound scary, but don’t be alarmed! These are all symptoms that could suggest your central heating system is suffering from Sludge in your CH System. Over time, many central heating systems develop sludge, and AJF Services 999 will be able to diagnose and treat your system to eradicate the problem and treat is so it should not get that bad again.
Known technically as Black Oxide Sludge or magnetite, system sludge is the result of debris and corrosion of some of the components within your heating system. In other words your radiators are rusting and causeing a rusty sludge that slowly clogs up your system and starts making it worse and worse. that is what Sludge in your CH System is.

What causes Sludge in your CH System?

Sludge is caused by the rusting of radiators and other parts of the heating system.
As water flows past the debris, it creates a circular pattern moving the rusty sludge around your radiators. This causes cold spots in the centre of the radiator to appear where the sludge is moved to, leaving only the top, bottom and side of the radiator to warm your rooms.

Sludge in your CH System can also find its way into your boiler, restricting flow rates, and in rare, extreme cases causing failure to key components. It is something many central heating systems will develop in time and thesymptoms should not be ignored.

What are the symptoms of Sludge in your CH System?

Sludge in your CH System presents itself in a number of ways. The tell-tale signs to look out for include:

    • A reduction in the overall heat in your home
    • Your  taking longer to heat up
    • Cold spots in parts of your radiators
    • Radiators only working in some of your rooms
    • Excessive noise from your boiler including drumming, knocking and thudding
    • Over of the boiler
    • Blocked valves
    • Blocked heat exchangers
    • Build up of hydrogen gas in radiators and pipes
    • Having to bleed radiators excessively
    • Pumps and valves sticking and needing replacement to often

Untreated sludge can lead to an increase in your heating bills, less heat, key components in your heating system being damaged and blockages. If you think you have Sludge in your CH System it is important to contact us now for more advice.

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Treating system sludge

The treatment of heating system sludge requires thorough boiler cleaning which we carry out using mains water and a specialised cleanser, the system is power flushed using a big industrial pump. Professional treatment can take just a couple of hours for a basic system flush, through to a full day if each radiator requires individual treatment. The treatment type is dependent on the amount of sludge in your system and the problems it has caused.

When a new boiler is installed it is also important that the system is flushed to prolong the life of your boiler, in addition to treating the system with a chemical inhibitor to prevent future corrosion. The less sludge in your system, the more efficient your heating will be through the cold winter months.

So if your central heating system isn’t operating quite like normal this winter, don’t panic or ignore it, your system could just be in need of a good clean and a bit of TLC from me.

For more information about powerflushing and how it is done follow this link >> Powerflushing

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