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Cure Condensation in your Home

Cure Condensation in your Home by understanding  condensation problems for a healthier home.

Houses in Liverpool and surrounding areas  are getting to be more airtight and draft free to increase the energy efficiency of our homes. As we reduce the drafts and make them more air tight we are also trapping air that carries moisture from cooking, cleaning and even breathing. This moisture rich air condenses on cold walls with a buildup of mold as issues begin to emerge that can cause health problems and home.

Cure Condensation to remove black mold

Black mold occurs where condensation forms and damages soft furnishings such as cloths, matrices, carpets, wall papers. Black mold has been linked to health issues such as headaches, breathing troubles and in addition queasiness and exhaustion and as a possible trigger for respiratory issues, for example, Asthma in some people. In conclusion if your property has black mold then to stop further damage and reduce health risks then you need to cure condensation stop black mold.

Black Mold Toxic MoldMarch of the black mold

Black Mold issues are more typical than you think with around 1 in 5 British homes experiencing issues with black mold. It’s unsightly, linked to health problems and unwelcome so that no property holder needs to yell about.

Black Mold builds up over time. Nonstop buildup issues are generally joined by black mold, an unattractive organism which backs its appalling head around window outlines, on dividers, entryways, roofs, furniture and it can even show up on your garments hanging inside a closet or wardrobe. A home experiencing poor ventilation will be helpless against both condensation and mold issues. So you need to cure condensation.

wet-rot-myceliumHow much damage does Black mold cause?

Black Mold typically demolishes whatever it becomes on as it progressively processes it. It discharges small spores that can go through the air; these spores regularly have mycotoxins and allergens attached to them.  It is the mycotoxins and allergens that can influence our well being and cause health issues.

What if we don’t cure condensation

Moisture in air gathering on frosty windows, walls and ceilings can result in paint to bubble and peel, stains, black mold, plaster becoming loose, crumbling, timber to decay causing wet rot that could lead to serious structural damage.

The black mold grows in the drywall, which must be removed before the building can be inhabited again.
The black mold grows in the drywall, which must be removed before the building can be inhabited again.

Living in a home where you don’t cure condensation, babies may create respiratory manifestations as an aftereffect to a particular kind of contagious mold, called Penicillium. Signs that a newborn child may have mold-related respiratory issues incorporate (yet are not restricted to) a constant hack and/or wheeze. Mold exposures have an assortment of health issues upon the individual. Some individuals are more delicate to mold than others. Exposure to mold can result in various wellbeing issues, for example, throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, eye aggravation, hack and wheezing, and in addition skin issues.

When we don’t cure condensation the additional moisture and  dampness empowers the development of different parasites in wood, bringing about decay or may in the end lead to widespread decorative and structural damage.

condensation and black mold
condensation and black mold

How to Cure Condensation

Condensation occurs when air that contains moisture cools. As cooler air has less ability to hold as much moisture as warmer air, condensation occurs. This condensation can be seen to occur on cooler surfaces such as windows, cold corners of rooms, under windows, etc.

So the best way to cure condensation is to reduce the amount of moisture that is generated in the home. This can be done by installing extractor fans where moisture is produced such as bathrooms and kitchens. Also ensure tumble dryers are vented to outside.  You may also consider installing heat recovery extract ventilation to reduce heat loss and its cold and wet in Liverpool most of the year.

loft insulation
loft insulation

Another way is to ensure that there are less cool spots in your home. Insulating walls and roof spaces, installing double glazing. Keeping low level heating present for longer periods to ensure the inner building fabric as well as furniture and fittings is kept warm so attracting less condensation.

air vent
air vent

Cure condensation by providing sufficient ventilation

Opening windows will increase ventilation but it also increases heat loss letting warm air escape and cooling the room. It is much better to install sufficient ventilation preferably with a vapour permeable membrane. As a rule of thumb a 100mm diameter air vent to outside with a vapour permeable membrane in each room and an electric extraction fan to the bathrooms/shower rooms and kitchen is usually sufficient to cure condensation. Each property has different characteristics and will all need slightly different solutions to cure condensation.

Do you have condensation problems or black mold?

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