Plumbum, What does a Plumber do? Jack of all trades

From the word Plumbum. What does a plumber do? A Jack of all Trades…

From the word Plumbum. What does a plumber do? A Jack of all Trades…

As a Plumber you need to be almost a “A Jack of all trades” while  installing and repairing plumbing systems.

What is Plumbum?

Plumbum is the Latin name for Lead. A very malleable base metal that is very long lasting and has a variety of uses.

Plumber historically means someone who works with lead or Plumbum.

So lead flashings, lead gutters, lead rainwater pipes and waste pipes are all installed by a plumber including water pipes, lead gas pipes, lead tanks and cisterns, lead sheet rooves…. Al relating to Plumbum.

So now you know what Plumbum is…

Plumber was originally a lead worker but as years progresses and technology improved, copper, brass, steel, cast iron and other metals started to be used for holding and distributing water and gas. Also in recent years alternative products such as man-made fibres and plastics have been introduced.

What does a plumber do?

Nowadays a plumber is expected to be able to install almost any system that holds, distributes or discharges water or gasses.

Most plumbers in general install water plumbing and drainage systems, metal roof and flashing systems including gutters and rainwater pipes and gas fitting.

So What does a plumber do may perform the following tasks:
• Prepare and/or study specifications and plans  to work out the layout of plumbing
systems and required materials
• Find and mark position for connections and cut holes through walls or floors for the pipes, measure, marking and cutting or bending.
• Cut, thread and bend pipes, valves and fittings, assemble and install piping, join pipe
• Test systems as required by local plumbing regulations
• install & service equipment such as boilers, pumps, heating and cooling systems, gas appliances, water tanks, water heaters, solar water heating systems, fixtures such as toilets, wash basins and industrial processing units
• Install, maintain and repair plumbing systems including underground drainage pipes.
Subject to licensing restrictions, plumbers may perform all of the tasks listed above and will probably find thamselves doing the following also.

So has that answered What does a plumber do?

A Jack of all Trades

While doing all of the above it is not uncommon for damage to decoration, walls, floors ets to occur as part of completing the job at hand. So a plumber may find himself being a A Jack of all Trades.

  • plastering parts of a wall
  • replacing and pointing brickwork
  • Removing and installing roof tiles
  • Tiling walls and floors
  • Applying filler and paint to timber, walls and ceilings
  • Removing and refitting laminated floors, carpets, lino etc

The list goes on and on for What does a plumber do

So From the word Plumbum. What does a plumber do? A Jack of all Trades is what he has to be…..

Your Luxury Bathroom

Your Luxury Bathroom

bathroom designIt’s Your Luxury Bathroom so make it the best luxury bathroom you can…

Whatever the size of your luxury bathroom, you are likely to have to strategy and budget for the basics: bath (roll top, free standing, bath or slipper!), basin/s, WC, bath, floor tiles, flooring surfaces, illumination, Spot lights or LED’s, storage space, radiators or towel rails and ventilation.You may even consider removing a wall between a wc and a bathroom to make yourself a large Luxury Bathroom with walk in shower or shower room or take part of a large bedroom and install an en-suite. Whatever you need we can provide all the design, building, heating and plumbing for your needs.

Choose Your Luxury Bathroom space – design and materialsroll top bath

The design that you decide on for your Your Luxury Bathroom will often determine the components you are likely to use. A contemporary bathing space is likely to function rock floor and surfaces floor tiles (marble, standing or limestone), while a more conventional or country-style bathing space is more likely to include tongue-and-groove coloured surfaces panelling and timber wood flooring flooring surfaces, with floor tiles limited to sink splash backs and bath areas. The bath will always take centre stage and, whether free standing or wall-fitted, it can be a masterpiece of design. Unique Victorian roll-top baths where generally large cast-iron brutes that, if using, you will need to factor in when suitable in an upper level bathing space. Modern editions of the roll-top and free standing bath, however, can be made from steel or from  reinforced polymers (plastic).

stone wash basinYour Luxury Bathroom Basins

Clean sinks come in all forms, dimensions and components, from clay and rock to stainless-steel and birdwatcher and beyond. If you have space, dual up for his-and-hers editions and home in a nice mirrored for a clean storage space solution. Ceramic and porcelain Tiles are the apparent choice for wash-rooms and bathrooms. Large tiles are a great choices for easy cleaning (particularly behind showers), while variety floor tiles remain ever popular. As with a kitchen, a bathing space can be a costly space to refit but even when on a tight budget Your Luxury Bathroom can look and feel amazing.

Organise Your Luxury Bathroom storage space

In Your Luxury Bathroom it’s all the more essential to design and arrange your storage area well. When planning Your Luxury Bathroom renovation bathroom units can accommodate all your bathing needs and toiletries. as well as provide that ‘Five Star’ quality that you deserve. Think about a mirrored wall unit to add storage. toiletries where they are needed, liberating up area elsewhere. Don’t let screen sills go to waste. Line up a row of holders on them and fit shutters inside rather than above the screen niche so they are available even when the shutters are down. If you have a panelled bath, don’t forget to create use of the invisible area below and at either end of the bath – fit a bath board with gates so you can access that area.

Find design alternatives for cloakroomsCloakroom

Cloakrooms are always a designing task. If they’re not nestled away under the stairways where being compact is a priority, they’re packed between more essential areas with no exterior surfaces and no windows. But it is just these apparent challenges that create the cloakroom such a pleasure to strategy, design and beautify. These days there are lots of fantastic cloakroom packages to select from, each designed to fit the smallest and most difficult of areas. You’re sure to discover something to match no matter how unique the size of your own space. And while cloakrooms may lack light, this gives you the best of justifications for including illumination and personality through your designing plan. Go for wonderfully strong picture designs and eye-popping colour that really create a statement– mixtures that you just wouldn’t have the thought to try elsewhere. And when costing, think about the benefits of this small room: with its little square-footage more costly components, such as hand-painted floor tiles, designer taps and spouts, may well be affordable in ways they never would be if designing a full-sized Luxury Bathroom

Why choose AJF 999 Services for Your Luxury Bathroom

AJF Services 999 in Liverpool provide all the services from design to installation all under one roof

From Design and choosing the best product for Your Luxury Bathroom to the actual installation including plastering, plumbing, tiling, lighting, decorating and heating. So you can be rest assured that by choosing AJF Services you are choosing the best qualified people to see Your Luxury Bathroom being all you dreamed it would be.

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