How to be a Professional Airsoft Gun Tech?

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Do it once. Do it right.

I can’t tell you how others became a Professional Airsoft Gun Tech apart from they worked in an armoury and fell into Airsoft, or they just start doing it…

Professionals are known for their specialised knowledge and skills backed up by their successes. It is expected and required that they will keep this knowledge and skills up-to-date so that they can always deliver work of the highest quality, in accordance with expected standards, laws and regulations.

Having the basics in mechanical and electrical understanding and fault finding, basic engineering skills, the different ways thing fasten together, and knowing when you don’t know something is a good start to being a Professional Airsoft Gun Tech… Oh, and access to YouTube. 😁

With access to another Professional Airsoft Gun Tech ‘s, you can grow and learn a lot quicker than trying to figure it out on your own.

And if you know a Professional Airsoft Gun Tech who also supplies parts, and source parts and give you the heads up on what will fit in what and with what modifications because they have done it, Give me their number straight away because they are as rare as magical Unicorns…🦄🦄🦄

Where did I get the basic skills?

When I stated my first business as a domestic gas engineer servicing and repairing gas boilers. My main unique selling point was that was extremely cheap so I got lots of work. I only charged £15 to service or repair any type of gas appliance. Crazy hey?

But in 3 months I’d seen and took apart almost every single type of boiler out there. Figured out how each one worked, and repaired it.

So what I actually got from every repair was £15 plus a swift education.

That’s not the only industry I’ve applied that strategy. And not always physical work. When you have a certain amount of intelligence and determination you can achieve almost anything.

That doesn’t mean you have to really inteligent and knowledgeable. It just means you have to be clever enough to know where you are lacking and either educate yourself or find another way around the problem.

The foundation skills of Professional Airsoft Gun Tech

I’ve talked about basic skills required to start the road to becoming a Professional Airsoft Gun Tech. This background knowledge can be picked up in many ways.

I learned basic electronics from repairing circuit boards, wiring, switches in CB radios when I was a kid. This helped me understand the electronics, sensors, switches solenoids, motors etc in boilers. How to test for resistance continuity etc. This lead to understanding seals, switches, motors, pistons, etc. in Airsoft RIF’s.

While fault-finding its a real bonus knowing how to use a multi-meter with electronic circuits and parts unless you are repairing through substitution which can get very costly.

Are you a tinkerer?

I am. If it’s broke I’ll take it apart, learn how it works and hopefully fix it. From cars to toasters. From pc’s to drones.

As I have worked as a plumber, heating engineer, gas fitter, electrician, boiler technician, etc. I’ve picked up skills relating to how things link and fasten together, how to seal things and prevent things leaking. How to strip down complicated systems and reassemble them. All valuable skills, knowledge and understanding.

Fixing my first RIF

I google it, looked at a couple of YouTube videos, figured out how to take it apart. Then basically gave it a good clean. Cleaned the barrel with some Duraglit I had (metal polish on cotton wool) cleaned the grey rubber bucking with washing up liquid to find it was pink! Silicone greased all moving parts and turned the H plate the right way around. Tested it in my back garden (learned that eye pro is a thing) and the bb’s where diving towards the floor. A few more videos, searched for a 3mm Allen key and I was able to set the backspin properly for a buck up effect, then spent an hour shooting boxes and cans. 🙂

My Biggest hurdle

Sometimes you just can’t get what you want due to low stock and have to look at alternatives. And that is a big part of repairing and servicing Airsoft RIFs.

When you can do this you are on the right track to becoming a Professional Airsoft Gun Tech.

In other industries the retailer/wholesaler is usually quite knowledgeable and you can ask for a part and they will give you an original part or a part from another manufacturer they know will fit/do the job.

This doesn’t seam to be the norm within the Airsoft world.

The many people I have talked to about which parts will work in what. They don’t know. They either say they just sell them and they are not techs or they say it will fit, then after some further prodding a ‘should’ is thrown into the mix… And sometimes it does, without to much cutting, grinding and shimming.

How do I become a Professional Airsoft Gun Tech?

If you want to get into upgrading, servicing and repairing Airsoft RIFs, you could do what I did. Start simple with your own gear. Learn how to take things apart and put them back together again. Buy original parts until you are confident how things go together and work, ask advice and then to start taking the odd punt with upgrades and part that “should” fit. If it doesn’t fit then that’s the cost of education.

Through this you will learn the skills you have and the skills you don’t have as you work towards being a Professional Airsoft Gun Tech.

Then you can start taking on work from from others with issues that are within your comfort zone. Then the unexpected issue arises and you solve that and add it to your knowledge and understanding. And keep on going.

My Dremel is sometimes indispensable

My spare parts are slowly growing and this gives opportunity to see if parts swap out with different manufacturers.

If you are not sure about something ask. Social media is full of people willing to help, and some actually know what they are talking about. An email to the manufacturer has really helped me well in the past.

Be aware of who you are asking though as just with any industry there are lots and lots of people who give advice who haven’t actually got the knowledge to give it.

I hope this helped in some way.

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