Playing Pew Pew like a kid when you are 51

February 8, 2022 By ajfservices999-1970 0

And Yes, you read that right. 51 years of age and I have only just crawled out from under my rock and discovered Airsoft – . Turns out my partner’s son has been doing it for years…

So, while still full of fun and frollics (booze) I agreed to have a go. So I went for a game of CQB in The Mill in Wigan and….I’m hooked. I loved it. My body didn’t like it like though. Legs felt like rubber and struggled to climb stairs for 3 days. Lol. And my body looked like it had chicken pox that turned into 19 multicoloured bruises over the next day or so.
Well I am 51 and 1.5 stone over weight… Which is one of the reasons why I went, to get a bit fitter…
After changing my job from an active plumber and builder I got an office job 6 months ago for a software company and piled on the weight. Struggling to put your shoes on, being late for work ‘cos the shirt you just ironed was too tight (true story) I had to start doing something and what can be more fun that running around like a 9 year old playing Pew Pew???
I’ve had a few goes now, all at the same place. Learning the CQB site so I can focus on imroving my skills, what little I have. I must be getting better though as only 2 bruises after the last skirmish. With improved skill and a bit more experience, next week I’m off to another CQB venue to play Pew Pew
Wish me luck!!!