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Cure Condensation in your Home

Cure Condensation in your Home by understanding  condensation problems for a healthier home.

Houses in Liverpool and surrounding areas  are getting to be more airtight and draft free to increase the energy efficiency of our homes. As we reduce the drafts and make them more air tight we are also trapping air that carries moisture from cooking, cleaning and even breathing. This moisture rich air condenses on cold walls with a buildup of mold as issues begin to emerge that can cause health problems and home.

Cure Condensation to remove black mold

Black mold occurs where condensation forms and damages soft furnishings such as cloths, matrices, carpets, wall papers. Black mold has been linked to health issues such as headaches, breathing troubles and in addition queasiness and exhaustion and as a possible trigger for respiratory issues, for example, Asthma in some people. In conclusion if your property has black mold then to stop further damage and reduce health risks then you need to cure condensation stop black mold.

Black Mold Toxic MoldMarch of the black mold

Black Mold issues are more typical than you think with around 1 in 5 British homes experiencing issues with black mold. It’s unsightly, linked to health problems and unwelcome so that no property holder needs to yell about.

Black Mold builds up over time. Nonstop buildup issues are generally joined by black mold, an unattractive organism which backs its appalling head around window outlines, on dividers, entryways, roofs, furniture and it can even show up on your garments hanging inside a closet or wardrobe. A home experiencing poor ventilation will be helpless against both condensation and mold issues. So you need to cure condensation.

wet-rot-myceliumHow much damage does Black mold cause?

Black Mold typically demolishes whatever it becomes on as it progressively processes it. It discharges small spores that can go through the air; these spores regularly have mycotoxins and allergens attached to them.  It is the mycotoxins and allergens that can influence our well being and cause health issues.

What if we don’t cure condensation

Moisture in air gathering on frosty windows, walls and ceilings can result in paint to bubble and peel, stains, black mold, plaster becoming loose, crumbling, timber to decay causing wet rot that could lead to serious structural damage.

The black mold grows in the drywall, which must be removed before the building can be inhabited again.
The black mold grows in the drywall, which must be removed before the building can be inhabited again.

Living in a home where you don’t cure condensation, babies may create respiratory manifestations as an aftereffect to a particular kind of contagious mold, called Penicillium. Signs that a newborn child may have mold-related respiratory issues incorporate (yet are not restricted to) a constant hack and/or wheeze. Mold exposures have an assortment of health issues upon the individual. Some individuals are more delicate to mold than others. Exposure to mold can result in various wellbeing issues, for example, throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, eye aggravation, hack and wheezing, and in addition skin issues.

When we don’t cure condensation the additional moisture and  dampness empowers the development of different parasites in wood, bringing about decay or may in the end lead to widespread decorative and structural damage.

condensation and black mold
condensation and black mold

How to Cure Condensation

Condensation occurs when air that contains moisture cools. As cooler air has less ability to hold as much moisture as warmer air, condensation occurs. This condensation can be seen to occur on cooler surfaces such as windows, cold corners of rooms, under windows, etc.

So the best way to cure condensation is to reduce the amount of moisture that is generated in the home. This can be done by installing extractor fans where moisture is produced such as bathrooms and kitchens. Also ensure tumble dryers are vented to outside.  You may also consider installing heat recovery extract ventilation to reduce heat loss and its cold and wet in Liverpool most of the year.

loft insulation
loft insulation

Another way is to ensure that there are less cool spots in your home. Insulating walls and roof spaces, installing double glazing. Keeping low level heating present for longer periods to ensure the inner building fabric as well as furniture and fittings is kept warm so attracting less condensation.

air vent
air vent

Cure condensation by providing sufficient ventilation

Opening windows will increase ventilation but it also increases heat loss letting warm air escape and cooling the room. It is much better to install sufficient ventilation preferably with a vapour permeable membrane. As a rule of thumb a 100mm diameter air vent to outside with a vapour permeable membrane in each room and an electric extraction fan to the bathrooms/shower rooms and kitchen is usually sufficient to cure condensation. Each property has different characteristics and will all need slightly different solutions to cure condensation.

Do you have condensation problems or black mold?

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Property repairs in Liverpool

Property repairs in Liverpool and surrounding areas.

We have been providing the following services to Liverpool and surrounding areas since 1993.

Plumbing and Heating (gas safe registered)

Boiler repair and servicing

Bathroom design and installation

Kitchen design and installation

Structural repairs (Andrew Foote is a Chartered Building Engineer)

DPC installation

Timber treatments for dry rot and woodworm

Roof repairs

Drain Clearing and repairs





uPVC window and door replacements

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AJF Services 999 - contact us for Plumbing Heating Drainage Building Maintenance
AJF Services 999 – contact us for Plumbing Heating Drainage Building Maintenance


Install New CH Pump uk with an ‘A’ Rated Domestic Heating Circulator

Install New CH Pump uk with an ‘A’ Rated Domestic Heating Circulator in Liverpool

Install New CH Pump uk with an ‘A’ Rated Domestic Heating Circulator with a HIGH EFFICIENCY PUMP as of JANUARY 2013 to save money today in Liverpool

In January 2013 there was a pumping revolution across the UK as contractors and installers working with new build developers, on renovation projects and self build new home projects started to observe new regulations when it comes to fitting small circulating pumps on heating systems with an external small pump and it s all because of the ERP Directive from Europe. 

Old CH PumpThe European Union has recognised that for us to achieve its requirements for carbon emission reductions, and energy use reductions across the twenty seven member states, it has to act now.

By 2020 the total electricity consumption of all glandless circulating pumps operated in the European Union for heating and air conditioning has to be halved. This also includes the normal small circulating pumps that we still have in many homes that pump water around our central heating systems . This is the objective of an EU ordinance under the European ErP (Eco-Design) Directive which now regulates the energy efficiency of this type of pump as of the 1 January 2013.  Further  requirements are being planned for the 1st August 2015 when these regulations will apply to the small pumps incorporated in combi and system boilers installed on new systems or in renovation projects where a new boiler is attached to an existing heating system.

An overall reduction of 11 million tonnes per year is estimated as these changes are thought to be likely to provide a reduction in EU-wide carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

In order to achieve this goal set by the European Commission, the EU ordinance prohibits the sale of technically outmoded, inefficient pump models from 2013 onwards. That included the basic static speed pumps that are outside of the boiler in domestic properties as of 1st Jan this year and pumps in Conbis and system boilers as of August 2015. So now you have to Install New CH Pump uk with an ‘A’ Rated Domestic Heating Circulator. 

The important thing to recognise while determining which pump models can continue to be used from now on is the energy efficiency index (EEI).

Why do we now have to Install New CH Pump uk with an ‘A’ Rated Domestic Heating Circulator in Liverpool

As of January 2013, the limit EEI value of glandless circulating pumps installed outside the Boiler – external pumps – not those incorporated in combi or system boilers at this stage – will be defined as 0.27.  Pumps will be better than the minimum requirements of the current A rated pumps as the energy efficiency classes specified at present will then become superfluous.

I the near future (August 2015) the EEI limit value will be reduced to 0.23. This will also apply to glandless circulation pumps, designed to operate in newly installed heat generators or solar thermal systems (integrated pumps). In the last implementation stage, from 2020 the regulations  will also apply to the replacement of integrated pumps in existing heat generators and domestic boilers.

How much could you save if you Install New CH Pump uk with an ‘A’ Rated Domestic Heating Circulator in Liverpool

Many energy efficient single pumps offer potential electricity savings of up to 90% compared to standard pumps without speed control. They already comply with the first stage requirements for 2013 and with the limit values of the second stage of the glandless circulating pump ordinance due for 2015.

The new regulation on circulators will shift the market towards the intelligent high efficiency circulators that are capable of adjusting their performance to meet the specific needs of the heating system.

By 2020 across the 27 European member states, the EU Commission estimates that inefficient circulators are responsible for about a 20% share of household energy bills and removing them and replacing them with intelligent circulators could save as much as €2.2 billion – equivalent to the total annual electricity consumption of Ireland!

The Circulation Pump the the heart of your heating system and without it your system will fail and leave you out in the cold.

To make savings of up to 18% of your electricity Install New CH Pump uk with an ‘A’ Rated Domestic Heating Circulator in Liverpool. This along with other energy efficiency controls (that are set correct) could save you even more.

If you want to Install New CH Pump uk with an ‘A’ Rated Domestic Heating Circulator in Liverpool or contact me for any other reason just click on that text. Contact us


Your Luxury Bathroom

Your Luxury Bathroom

bathroom designIt’s Your Luxury Bathroom so make it the best luxury bathroom you can…

Whatever the size of your luxury bathroom, you are likely to have to strategy and budget for the basics: bath (roll top, free standing, bath or slipper!), basin/s, WC, bath, floor tiles, flooring surfaces, illumination, Spot lights or LED’s, storage space, radiators or towel rails and ventilation.You may even consider removing a wall between a wc and a bathroom to make yourself a large Luxury Bathroom with walk in shower or shower room or take part of a large bedroom and install an en-suite. Whatever you need we can provide all the design, building, heating and plumbing for your needs.

Choose Your Luxury Bathroom space – design and materialsroll top bath

The design that you decide on for your Your Luxury Bathroom will often determine the components you are likely to use. A contemporary bathing space is likely to function rock floor and surfaces floor tiles (marble, standing or limestone), while a more conventional or country-style bathing space is more likely to include tongue-and-groove coloured surfaces panelling and timber wood flooring flooring surfaces, with floor tiles limited to sink splash backs and bath areas. The bath will always take centre stage and, whether free standing or wall-fitted, it can be a masterpiece of design. Unique Victorian roll-top baths where generally large cast-iron brutes that, if using, you will need to factor in when suitable in an upper level bathing space. Modern editions of the roll-top and free standing bath, however, can be made from steel or from  reinforced polymers (plastic).

stone wash basinYour Luxury Bathroom Basins

Clean sinks come in all forms, dimensions and components, from clay and rock to stainless-steel and birdwatcher and beyond. If you have space, dual up for his-and-hers editions and home in a nice mirrored for a clean storage space solution. Ceramic and porcelain Tiles are the apparent choice for wash-rooms and bathrooms. Large tiles are a great choices for easy cleaning (particularly behind showers), while variety floor tiles remain ever popular. As with a kitchen, a bathing space can be a costly space to refit but even when on a tight budget Your Luxury Bathroom can look and feel amazing.

Organise Your Luxury Bathroom storage space

In Your Luxury Bathroom it’s all the more essential to design and arrange your storage area well. When planning Your Luxury Bathroom renovation bathroom units can accommodate all your bathing needs and toiletries. as well as provide that ‘Five Star’ quality that you deserve. Think about a mirrored wall unit to add storage. toiletries where they are needed, liberating up area elsewhere. Don’t let screen sills go to waste. Line up a row of holders on them and fit shutters inside rather than above the screen niche so they are available even when the shutters are down. If you have a panelled bath, don’t forget to create use of the invisible area below and at either end of the bath – fit a bath board with gates so you can access that area.

Find design alternatives for cloakroomsCloakroom

Cloakrooms are always a designing task. If they’re not nestled away under the stairways where being compact is a priority, they’re packed between more essential areas with no exterior surfaces and no windows. But it is just these apparent challenges that create the cloakroom such a pleasure to strategy, design and beautify. These days there are lots of fantastic cloakroom packages to select from, each designed to fit the smallest and most difficult of areas. You’re sure to discover something to match no matter how unique the size of your own space. And while cloakrooms may lack light, this gives you the best of justifications for including illumination and personality through your designing plan. Go for wonderfully strong picture designs and eye-popping colour that really create a statement– mixtures that you just wouldn’t have the thought to try elsewhere. And when costing, think about the benefits of this small room: with its little square-footage more costly components, such as hand-painted floor tiles, designer taps and spouts, may well be affordable in ways they never would be if designing a full-sized Luxury Bathroom

Why choose AJF 999 Services for Your Luxury Bathroom

AJF Services 999 in Liverpool provide all the services from design to installation all under one roof

From Design and choosing the best product for Your Luxury Bathroom to the actual installation including plastering, plumbing, tiling, lighting, decorating and heating. So you can be rest assured that by choosing AJF Services you are choosing the best qualified people to see Your Luxury Bathroom being all you dreamed it would be.

Contact/message us on or call/text Andrew on 07831 564351

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Painting and decorating your own home

If you are looking to move to a new house or want to renovate your existing one, the first thing you will need to think about is the decor and how to update it to your personal taste. While it may be tempting to hire a professional to do it if you have never painted or hung walpaper before, it will cost you a lot of money. Painting and decorating  your own house allows you to experiment with something new and will help you save hundreds of pounds.

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Faulty boiler in liverpool

Get Your Boiler Ready for Winter:- 5 things you must do…

Faulty boiler in Liverpool

Get Your Boiler Ready for Winter now before it is too late and you end up with a heavy repair bill…

Yes it’s that time of year again when the Central Heating begins going on in houses across the nation including here in Liverpool, as the temperature falls and winter time is well and truly on the way.

Of course this is just the season when we need our central heating boilers the most – and it’s the actual season we’re likely to run into issues as well. The unexpected requirement we put them under can expose issues, and the dropping temperature can cause issues of their own as well.

Here are some guidelines to ensure you decrease the possibility of a faulty boiler this winter time.

1. Get your boiler serviced now

This is the best time for a boiler service. It will make sure everything is functioning effectively and if any maintenance that is needed, they can be done before the really cold weather sneaks in.

2. Turn your heating on at least once each week

Don’t delay for the really cold weather to hit before you put your Central Heating on. Even if you only run it on for a few hours one day per 7 days, it gives you a chance to see if there are any issues with it before you really need it.

Get Your Boiler Ready for Winter3. Insulate your pipes

Frozen pipes and joints can be a big problem for homeowners, avoiding the CH system and the boiler from functioning effectively. You should protect them all if you have not already done so – Including -if you have a condensing boiler- the condensate pipe if it runs through to the outside of your home.

4. Keep the heating on consistently but on a low setting

Lots of people only turn their Central Heating on in Liverpool when they really need it. However, when they do, they put it on high and it can take ages to warm the whole home. Then they turn it off again. Instead of doing this, have the boiler and Central Heating system on very low and keep it on for longer. It allows the home to accomplish a awesome temperature continually and it can mean less boiler issues because it will not have so much demand of it.

5. Your heating Boiler is ready for winter

Make sure you have our contact details in case your boiler breaks down when you least expect it. Print out our “Contact” page and put it close to your boiler.

As you can see, none of these guidelines are particularly unpleasant. Actually they should offer a fundamental element of getting your home prepared for the winter that is ready to pounce upon us… You will come to depend on your boiler a lot in the months to come, so ensure you put it on every now and again to make sure it all works and to get the best out of it when you need it most.

If you are in Liverpool and need a little help to Get Your Boiler Ready for Winter and ensure your boiler is in tip top condition then just get in touch by clicking on the image below and contact us now to arrange an inspection, service or repair today….

AJF Services 999 - contact us for Plumbing Heating Drainage Building Maintenance
AJF Services 999 – contact us for Plumbing Heating Drainage Building Maintenance
Powerflush a Central heating System in Liverpool

Powerflush a Central heating System in Liverpool

Powerflush a central System in Liverpool for a healthier warmer home.

Powerflush a Central heating System in Liverpool

We are based in Litherland Liverpool and this is what we have found.

Powerflush a Central Heating System in Liverpool.

Radiators can rust inside producing black iron oxide known as ‘sludge’. This sludge moves around the  blocking pipes, valves and boilers (pumps/heat exchangers/diverter valves) causing all sorts of problems including:-

  • A reduction in the overall heat in your home
  • Your  taking longer to heat up
  • Cold spots in parts of your radiators
  • Radiators only working in some of your rooms
  • Excessive noise from your boiler including drumming, knocking and thudding
  • Over of the boiler
  • Blocked valves
  • Blocked heat exchangers
  • Build up of hydrogen gas in radiators and pipes
  • Having to bleed radiators excessively
  • Pumps and valves sticking and needing replacement to often


Powerflush a Central heating System in Liverpool

The solution is to Powerflush a Central Heating System and treat with corrosion inhibitor.

flush equipment, normally set up outside, connects to your and cleans the whole  without having to take off all the radiators. WE normally just remove one radiator and do it all from there.

flush cleaner is added to the  water and starts to loosen the rust. The is turned on and radiator surfaces checked for cold spots. By  water through each radiator and vibrating cold spots the sludge inside is rapidly loosened. The sludge flows from radiators and is pumped out of the and replaces with clean fresh water.

All pipe-work, radiators and the boiler are  flushed until water samples are clean and free from sludge and other deposits or debris

An effective corrosion inhibitor is added to the fresh clean water in the CH , radiators are balanced as required and checked that are all up correctly.

As you will find out I and my team are professional and friendly and will thoroughly flush your whole heating system providing you with :

  • A warmer home
  • Improved hot water
  • Reduce fuel bills by up to 50%

I hope the above information helped you understand all about why you need to Powerflush a Central heating System in Liverpool and surrounding areas,

For more information on sludge in your follow this link >> Sludge

I look forward to chatting with you about how we can help.

For an Instant FREE quote to flush a in Liverpool

Call Andy on 07831 564351

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AJF Services 999 - contact us for Plumbing  Drainage Building Maintenance
AJF Services 999 – contact us for Plumbing Drainage Building Maintenance