Why you should Service your gas Boiler in Liverpool

Why you should Service your gas Boiler in Liverpool

Why you should Service your gas Boiler in LiverpoolWhy you should Service your gas Boiler in Liverpool

As with most things that need to be maintained regularly, it’s to make sure that it is working effectively, safely and economically. Especially with gas boilers this is why you should service your gas boiler in Liverpool every year and use a certified and knowledgeable engineer.

What should I expect when a gas Engineer arrives?

Firstly ensure that the Engineer is registered with Gas Safe. When a service is performed by a qualified ‘Gas Safe’ registered engineer, the service should last about an hour and  include gaining access to the boilers combustion chamber, gas burner, exhaust fan etc during cleaning and testing of the gas boiler to ensure that it is installed correctly,safe to use and working correctly and efficiently. this is achieved as the Engineer will carry out a number of assessments on the boiler during a service.

Why you should Service your gas Boiler in Liverpool every year.

Frequent annual servicing and safety checks to your boiler is essential as it ensures that the boiler is working to the requirements designed by the boiler manufacturer. This will help extend the life of the boiler as well as prevent mistakes and expensive maintenance in the future.

The efficiency of central heating boilers declines with use. There are several reasons for this, the key ones being:

Soot/carbon deposits from combustion process building up within the boiler.
The crucial air-to-gas ratio changes due to constant element wear effecting combustion and efficiency.

A Boiler services will remove any sooting, dust and debris and, by testing and adjustment, will re-establish the the best possible operating settings. But while optimising working efficiency is vital in these days of increasing energy expenses, there are other essential benefits in having your boiler serviced:

By verifying the safety checks and faults can be found and can be recognized and fixed early enough.
A variety of functional systems and elements will be examined including:
– Gas and water leaks
– Boiler combustion performance (using flue gas analyser)
– Sounds that indicate incorrect operation.
– Incorrect heat-up/ circulation

Just like vehicles, central heating boilers can function for many decades with servicing but generally have reduced efficiency as they age and become to look inefficient against modern technology.

Carbon monoxide, The silent killer

Carbon Monoxide (also known as CO) is a colourless, odourless toxic gas and is a typical yet avoidable cause of loss of life.

When we burn gas and air correctly we get Carbondioxie and water vapour. When it burns incorrectly we get carbon monoxide and carbon. The carbon is the black deposits people mistake as soot and the carbon monoxide is the poisonous, odourless gas.

When CO is absorbed into the body it prevents the blood from taking in fresh air. If a person is found to have CO over a period, it can cause sickness and even loss of life. As well as Monoxide has no fragrance, flavor or color. This is why it is sometimes called the “Silent Killer”.

Carbon monoxide alarms are invaluable in warning people of a build up of this poisonous gas but these are no substitute for professional servicing and upkeep of , boiler, equipment, ventilation and flues.

Is there really a benefit to servicing my boiler?

How much more efficient a boiler will be after servicing will depend on the boiler, when the last time it was serviced and the system it is connected to.

If the Boiler has not been serviced for several year you may get 5% or more efficiency increase.

If the boiler Is a condensing boiler efficiency could be improved up to 91%.

Where the system that the boiler is connected to is inefficient and poorly set up then this can greatly effect the boiler performance. Where the return water from the system is above 54c a condensing boiler can’t run efficiently. Where the return water from the heating system is below 54c this aids the condensation of combustion gasses and extracts upto 10% more energy from the combustion process.

So cleaning the boiler and checking the flow temperatures to and from the heating system and adjusting the flow rate and return temperature can save £££’s.

How often should I service my boiler?

Most Boiler producers suggest an yearly support, mainly on the reasons of safety and reliability. On efficiency reasons it is well worth servicing gas  boilers yearly because of the intake of dust and debris and flying insects from outside and the build-up of deposits from the combustion process.

Why you should Service your gas Boiler in LiverpoolBenefits why you should service your gas boiler in Liverpool

As with all heating equipment, your boiler should be maintained regularly to make sure that it is working effectively and safely.

Checking for the production of Carbon monoxide saves lives.

The service should be performed by a gas safe registered Engineer.

Servicing can greatly increase energy performance.

Servicing extends the life of the boiler.

I hope this article about ‘Why you should Service your Gas Boiler in Liverpool‘ was helpful. To book a boiler service today simply email me at ajfservices999@aol.com or phone me on 07831 564351


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